Cloud Girls is honored to have amazingly accomplished, professional women in tech as our members. We take every opportunity to showcase their expertise and accomplishments – promotions, speaking engagements, publications and more. Now, we are excited to shine a spotlight on one of our members each month.

November’s Cloud Expert of the Month is Leanne Hurley
Leanne Hurley has a 20-year track record of delighting customers in direct sales and in numerous sales specialist roles. She joined SAP in 2014 as a Cloud Sales Specialist selling HANA Enterprise Cloud for the Financial Services industry. Hurley’s drive for excellence helped her achieve some of the largest and most strategic cloud transformational deals in recent years, and in one of SAP’s most competitive industries. She has been recognized as an “SAP Catalyst” for her sales leadership and is a three-time Winners Circle recipient for strategic cloud deals.

When did you join Cloud Girls and why?

I joined at the inception of Cloud Girls in September of 2011 because I do pretty much whatever [Cloud Girls’ Co-founder] Manon Buettner asks me to do.

What do you value about being part of Cloud Girls?

I have always supported my female counterparts; I love the comradery and collaboration.

What advice would you give to your younger self at the start of your career?

Stop apologizing for everything. Your empathy and genuine interest in others is your best asset.

What impresses you the most when you are considering hiring someone?
Tenacity, the willingness to learn and relentless drive.

What one piece of advice would you share with young women to encourage them to take a seat at the table?
Times have changed, women have proven that we are not only smart enough to sit at the table, but we’re smart enough to lead the conversation. Be bold and have conviction!