Consortium Focuses on Empowering Women as Thought Leaders in the Evolving Cloud & Next-Generation Technology Space

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. – September 30, 2018 – Cloud Girls, a not-for-profit consortium of women evangelizing cloud technology, is getting a brand makeover with the launch of a new logo and website along with a refined mission and vision.

Cloud Girls was formed in 2011 as a home for women in tech that wanted to advance their knowledge of emerging cloud technology through collaborative education and information sharing. Over the past seven years, Cloud Girls has evolved into an organization that represents female technology thought leaders who are not only learning about cloud solutions, but also driving conversations about a range of emerging technologies.

“When we started Cloud Girls, it was to fill a gap in the marketplace for educating ourselves and other women in tech about cloud solutions,” said Cloud Girls Co-Founder Jo Peterson, vice president of cloud solutions at Clarify 360. “After many years of focus on education and real-world practice implementing cloud solutions, our members have become pioneers and emerging leaders in the space.

“We believe cloud is an underlying foundational vehicle for next-generation emerging technologies like IoT, security, blockchain, AI, machine learning and more. We’re eager to share what we’ve learned to help others, particularly other women, to be successful in technology careers.”

As a result, the Cloud Girls membership has adopted new mission, vision and values:

  • Our mission is to unite female technology thought leaders to advance the conversation about cloud solutions through education, collaboration and inspiration for our companies, our customers, ourselves and the next generation of women in tech.
  • Our vision is to inspire and empower women as thought leaders in the evolving cloud and next-generation technology space.
  • Our core values:
    • Demonstrating technology thought leadership
    • Building a community of women leaders in tech
    • Celebrating the successes of women in tech
    • Inspiring the next generation of women in tech
    • Giving back to organizations for women and girls

To deliver on these goals, Cloud Girls is launching a new brand identity and a new website, which will enable interested parties to connect with our members as technology experts — authors, trainers, speakers, consultants and solutions providers. Specifically, the Cloud Girls website now includes a new Press Center and Speakers Bureau to help match subject matter experts to industry opportunities.

“Cloud Girls has built a strong community of women in the cloud that’s evolved into a think tank. We’re literally developing female cloud thought leaders and evangelists,” said Peterson. “We’re excited to engage with customers, media, event managers and others who want to learn more about emerging technologies.”

About Cloud Girls

Founded in 2011, Cloud Girls is vendor-neutral, not-for-profit community of female technology advocates dedicated to educating themselves, their organizations and customers about the vast and dynamic cloud ecosystem. By exploring emerging markets and technical trends, advocating best practices and building community, Cloud Girls is fostering female thought leaders in next-generation technology. For more information, visit

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