About Cloud Girls

Cloud Girls is building a community of women tech leaders who engage with each other to foster confidence and create connections required to grow and succeed. Through individual and organizational outreach, Cloud Girls share knowledge and provide leadership, providing equitable opportunities to improve lives.
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Our vision is to lead the charge of inspiring and empowering women as thought leaders in the evolving cloud and next-generation technology space.


Cloud Girls is on a mission to raise the collective voice and visibility of women in tech. We work to narrow the gender gap across technology. Our initiatives inspire, educate, empower, connect and advance women and girls in tech.

cloud girls pillars

Supporting Women in Technology

Provide an open, enabling platform designed to give voice to women thought leaders in the growing technology community

Emphasize the importance of professional development, enabling members to tell their story in a compelling way, live their personal brand and step up to leadership roles in their companies, community organizations and families.

Support annual recognition programs to shine a light on female tech talent:  Visionaries, Trail Blazers and Rising Stars.

Simplify and augment access to industry accreditations known to enhance resumes and open more opportunities for advancement.

Live our philanthropy by identifying and enabling programs where we can make a difference by contributing our experience and dollars to girls and women on their way up.

2023 Board of Directors

Cloudgirls Michelle Ruyle

Michelle Ruyle, Chair of the Board

Cloud Girls Donna Kruse

Donna Kruse, Philanthropy Chair

Cloud Girls Jessica Orozco

Jessica Orozco, Event Chair

Cloud Girls Karin Fields

Karin Fields, Member Community Chair

Cloudgirls Jo Peterson

Jo Peterson, Enrichment Chair

Cloud Girls Allison Bergamo

Allison Bergamo, Engagement Chair

Cloud Girls Rachel Turkus

Rachel Turkus, Operations Chair