Meet Cloud Girls 2023 Trailblazer Trisha Paine

Trisha Paine, Head of Global Marketing of Cloud Security at Check Point Software, was recognized by Cloud Girls, in...

Meet Cloud Girls 2023 Trailblazer Karen Jackson

Karen Jackson, President of Apogee Strategic Partners, was recognized by Cloud Girls, in collaboration with the Alliance of...

Meet Cloud Girls 2023 Trailblazer Rebecca Weekly

Rebecca Weekly, Vice President of Hardware Systems at Cloudflare, was recognized by Cloud Girls, in collaboration with...

Who We Are

Cloud Girls is a vendor-neutral, not-for-profit community of female technology advocates. We’re dedicated to educating each other, our organizations and customers about the vast and dynamic cloud ecosystem. By exploring emerging market and technical trends, advocating best practices and building community, we’re fostering female thought leaders in next-generation technology.

What We Believe In

Leading Thought

We elevate the conversation about the evolving cloud technology ecosystem through education, publications, expert blogs, media interviews, webinars and keynotes.

Building Community

We unite women in tech to educate each other, solve customer problems and grow our businesses by collaborating via social networking, monthly calls and our annual conference.

Celebrating Success

We highlight successful women in tech on our social networks and honor those who have shown leadership in the cloud space with our “Women to Watch” Awards.

Inspiring the Next Generation

We’ve worked hard to build successful careers in an industry that’s driving world economies and we’re privileged to pave the way and serve as role models for the next generation of women in tech.

Giving Back

We’re grateful to the mentors and sponsors who have aided our success as women in tech, and we strive to pay it forward by supporting organizations that empower women and girls.

What We’re Talking About

Looking for a Tech Expert, Speaker or Blogger?

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