Shannon Orr, a change-maker in the cloud technology space, commenced her journey at Avant in 2011 as the 6th employee. Progressing from an intern to Senior Director, she orchestrates a sales team for AVANT’s most strategic partners. With a versatile role supporting all facets of the business, Shannon’s expertise navigates the intricate landscape of numerous partners, maximizing business impact. Renowned for fostering relationships, she leads with both passion and compassion, earning trust and driving success.

Shannon was honored as a Rising Star, a female leader in the cloud community who has shown initiative in advancing cloud and next-generation technology solutions for her organization, customers and the industry. Cloud Girls is pleased to share more about Shannon in this edited excerpt from her award application.

What one example shows how Shannon has innovated in the cloud and next-gen tech space and shunned the status quo?

Shannon’s innovation shines in expanding Avant’s customer base within the VAR space. Amidst traditional models, she re-defines norms, launching and transforming Strategic Partners into a multi-million-dollar business. Redefining the concept of a next-generation Trusted Advisor, Shannon opens doors for wider audience enablement, propelling providers toward the right customers and fostering success in the cloud marketplace. Shannon’s rewriting the playbook, making the next-gen Trusted Advisor game accessible to all. It’s not about where you come from; it’s about learning, adapting, and owning success in new landscapes.

Are there any outstanding achievements or compelling examples of Shannon’s exemplary leadership that highlight her ability to inspire team members around cloud and next-gen technologies?

Shannon was recently nominated by CRN for Woman of the Year, and other industry nods that show what a powerhouse she is. If you ask her though, great leaders do not seek to lead, they are called to do it and answer. She attributes her success to the amazing leaders and teammates at Avant where it is truly about everyone participating. She wants everyone’s voices to be heard before ending a meeting. Her longevity at Avant reflects dedication to purpose, not just pursuing monetary gains but having fun on the journey and being a part of a plan bigger than yourself. Shannon’s positive leadership attitude creates an enjoyable work environment, inspiring others to follow suit.

How has Shannon’s leadership elevated the position of women in cloud or technology? How has she “paid it forward” to create more opportunities for women growing their careers?

As the president of Avant’s Charity committee and co-chair of the Alliance of Channel Women Chicago chapter, Shannon raises over six figures annually, supporting non-profits aligned with Avant’s values. Big on mentorship, she’s all about supporting women in their superhero journeys. Avant’s lucky to have her making waves for equality.

How has Shannon mentored, championed, and/or supported other women in technology — above, below and at her level?

Leadership, according to Shannon, isn’t about job titles. It’s in the everyday hustle, joining committees, supporting your community, and being accessible to your teammates. Attitude is key. Be yourself, be available, and own it. No mold needed. True leaders are simply the best versions of themselves.

Shannon’s go-to karaoke song is “Juicy” by Notorious BIG

A Harry Potter kid, Shannon would love to be a wizard attending Hogwarts. Using an invisibility cloak for insightful meetings and a wand to handle emails sounds like magic we could all use.

Congrats, Shannon!!