Lisa McLin has over 21+ yrs. of experience in Technology industry, taking on roles in all areas of the business, from Accountant, Customer Delivery, Direct Sales Executive, Transformation leader, Go-To-Market Leader & Channel Chief. Lisa is known for her expertise in strategy and execution, of growing partner relationships, direct sales and customer satisfaction propelling organizational revenue, while serving as a visionary, known for directly mastering the development of high-velocity sales organizations. McLin focuses on a repeatable sales process & methodologies, while owning accountability for profit-generating programs and building alliances & partnership strategies across global market segments. This has led to double digit revenue growth and global expansion. Lisa led two massive global Channels & Alliances at $2B revenue companies impacting channel community with double-digit growth and career promotions. She leads with her servant leader style; develops strong winning teams, and heavily invested in mentoring and advancing the careers of those around her.

Lisa was honored as a Trailblazer, a seasoned female technology industry veteran who is paving the way for her organization, customers and industry in advancing cloud and next-generation technology solutions. Cloud Girls is pleased to share more about Lisa in this edited excerpt from her award application.

What one example shows how Lisa has innovated in the cloud and next-gen tech space and shunned the status quo?

Lisa tirelessly supported new next generation solutions with alliance partners like Dell, Lenovo and AWS. These solutions will support joint partner growth in 2024 while support clients with new technology to serve clients in solving new business problems with technology. Additionally, Lisa has focused on supporting a partner ecosystem to drive new solutions with generative AI, and Marketplace with hyperscaler partners. Her work with the product team and partner has been key to highlighting the value creation we provide together for the benefits of our clients.

Are there any outstanding achievements or compelling examples of your exemplary leadership that highlight your ability to inspire team members around cloud and next-gen technologies?

I ranked 6 on The Top 50 Women Leaders of San Antonio for 2023. For me, it’s an honor to be recognized by Women We Admire for mastering the development of high-velocity sales organizations, leading to double digit revenue growth and global expansion. This network comprised of the most accomplished women executives and leaders across the
U.S. and Canada.

How has Lisa’s leadership elevated the position of women in cloud or technology? How has she “paid it forward” to create more opportunities for women growing their careers?

Leadership at Unisys is highly focused on supporting women in tech as well as improving Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in tech. One way Lisa contributes is by introducing recruiters to women in tech ready for their next career move. Another way is by making recommendation for women to join a tech panel as upcoming events. Additionally, Lisa supports programs for women in tech at all stages. It starts with serving on board of Girls Inc. who thrive to support girls to be strong, smart and bold with STEM programs. She also serves on the board for Texas Conference for Women to support women in all stages of their career, and is apart of Employee Resource Groups focused on women in tech.

How has Lisa mentored, championed, and/or supported other women in technology — above, below and at their level?

Lisa supports women in tech with mentorship, sponsorship and supporting many ways to continue learning, such as book clubs, creative coach sessions and extending network connections. One focus is supporting women to go after what you love. Additionally, she is focused on making new connections, sharing ideas, and having mentoring sessions as often as needed.

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