Diondria Brown, MBA, is a highly accomplished Senior TSB Program Manager at Five9 with extensive experience and contributions in the cloud technology space. Diondria has been instrumental in driving digital transformation for businesses through her expertise in Contact Center Design and technical enablement. Her career trajectory showcases her proficiency in various roles, including Senior Solutions Consultant at Genesys, where she spent over four years honing her skills in product demonstration, public speaking, and solution design. Diondria’s technical acumen is highlighted by her certifications, including being an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and a Genesys Cloud Quality Management Certified Specialist. Furthermore, Diondria is deeply passionate about fostering an inclusive and diverse environment, as evidenced by her involvement in initiatives such as the Genesys Black Employees & Allies Membership (GBEAM), where she served as the Co-Lead of the Events Committee.  Currently serving as the Secretary for Young Professional Toastmasters of Houston, Diondria has demonstrated leadership in various capacities. Overall, Diondria Brown’s career trajectory and contributions in the cloud technology space demonstrate her expertise, leadership, and commitment to driving innovation and fostering inclusivity within the industry.

Diondria was honored as a Rising Star, a female leader in the cloud community who has shown initiative in advancing cloud and next-generation technology solutions for her organization, customers and the industry. Cloud Girls is pleased to share more about Diondria in this edited excerpt from her award application.

What one example shows how you have innovated in the cloud and next-gen tech space and shunned the status quo?

One example that demonstrates how I have innovated in the cloud and next-gen tech space and shunned the status quo is my role as an AppFoundry Subject Matter Expert (SME) at Genesys. In this position, I played a pivotal role in driving innovation by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and applications to enhance customer experiences and optimize business processes. As an SME, I was tasked with staying abreast of emerging trends and advancements in cloud technology, and then applying that knowledge to develop innovative solutions within the AppFoundry ecosystem. This involved conceptualizing and implementing novel approaches to address client requirements, troubleshoot technical challenges, and analyze market trends to identify opportunities for optimization. Moreover, I collaborated closely with clients and development teams. By championing innovative strategies and solutions, I contributed to pushing the boundaries of traditional practices and fostering a culture of innovation within my organization.

Overall, my role as an AppFoundry SME showcases my ability to innovate in the cloud and next-gen tech space by challenging the status quo and driving the adoption of cutting-edge technologies to deliver superior customer experiences and drive business success.”

Are there any outstanding achievements or compelling examples of your exemplary leadership that highlight your ability to inspire team members around cloud and next-gen technologies?

I developed and nurtured global client partnerships, optimizing processes for Mid-Market/Corporate companies. This role involved leading cross-functional teams and collaborating with clients to drive successful implementations of cloud and next-gen technologies. My ability to cultivate strong relationships and optimize processes indicates my effectiveness as a leader in guiding teams toward common goals. Additionally, I took on the responsibility of mentoring and training colleagues in designing customer-centric solutions that yield desired business outcomes. This demonstrates my leadership in fostering a culture of continuous learning and development within my team, empowering team members to excel in utilizing cloud and next-gen technologies effectively.

My involvement as Co-Lead of Events Committee for Genesys Black Employees & Allies Membership (GBEAM) and as a member of the Houston Area Urban League Young Professionals showcases my commitment to community engagement and leadership beyond my professional roles.

My roles in client partnerships, knowledge-sharing, mentorship, community engagement, and commitment to professional development collectively reflect my ability to lead teams towards success in leveraging innovative technologies.”

How has your leadership elevated the position of women in cloud or technology? How have you “paid it forward” to create more opportunities for women growing their careers?

As a former Co-Lead of Events Committee for Genesys Black Employees & Allies Membership (GBEAM), secretary of Young Professional Toastmasters and a member of the Houston Area Urban League Young Professionals, I actively participate in initiatives focused on civil rights, social action, and professional development. In these roles, I advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion, including the advancement of women in technology.

Through my involvement in professional organizations and volunteer activities, I contribute to building a supportive community for women in technology. By actively participating in events and initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion, I help create networks and opportunities for women to connect, learn, and advance in their careers.

By continuously investing in my own learning and development, I set an example for others to follow and show that women can thrive in technical roles. As a leader in my professional roles, I advocate for inclusive practices within my organization, encouraging diversity in hiring, promoting gender equity, and fostering a supportive work environment for women in technology”

How have you mentored, championed, and/or supported other women in technology — above, below and at your level?

As a senior professional with extensive experience in the technology sector, I engage in one-on-one mentoring sessions with women both within and outside my organization. These sessions provide a platform for sharing experiences, offering guidance on career advancement, and addressing challenges specific to women in technology. I am committed to championing the professional development of women at various levels by providing insights, resources, and opportunities for skill enhancement and career growth.

Furthermore, I actively refer qualified women for job opportunities, projects, or collaborations within my professional network. Leveraging my connections and influence, I strive to help women expand their career prospects and visibility within the industry.

I advocate for recognition and equal opportunities for women in technology, whether by endorsing their achievements, recommending them for leadership roles, or actively supporting their participation in projects and initiatives. Within my workplace, I foster inclusive and supportive environments by promoting diversity and advocating for policies and practices that address gender disparities. By encouraging open dialogue and collaboration, I aim to create spaces where women feel empowered to excel and thrive in their careers.

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