JoLynn Hauser is a distinguished marketing leader with over two decades of experience in the cloud technology space, specializing in channel marketing and partner strategy. Throughout her career, she has masterfully crafted and executed marketing strategies, generating demand and driving significant outcomes for partners. Her expertise lies in developing comprehensive channel programs, leveraging her collaborative and analytical skills to optimize marketing efforts and increase efficiency.

JoLynn was honored as a Rising Star, a female leader in the cloud community who has shown initiative in advancing cloud and next-generation technology solutions for her organization, customers and the industry. Cloud Girls is pleased to share more about JoLynn in this edited excerpt from her award application.

What one example shows how JoLynn has innovated in the cloud and next-gen tech space and shunned the status quo?

One example on how JoLynn has been innovative in the technology industry is her ability to craft creative, attention-getting campaigns that empower partners to stand out in a crowded market and drive their sales pipeline. This ability has been instrumental in her career, enabling her to consistently deliver innovative marketing solutions in the cloud technology space that resonate with partners and their customers. By understanding the unique challenges and opportunities within the technology space, she’s successfully developed and implemented strategies that not only capture attention but also foster meaningful engagement, driving growth and establishing a robust, differentiated presence for our partners in the competitive cybersecurity landscape.

Are there any outstanding achievements or compelling examples of JoLynn’s exemplary leadership that highlight her ability to inspire team members around cloud and next-gen technologies?

In previous roles at LiveVox, Nextiva, and Century Link (now Lumen), JoLynn played a critical role in shaping new channel marketing divisions in these technology companies. She has achieved in building and executing marketing programs that fostered successful partnerships, developing innovative partner enablement tracks, and event strategies that significantly contributed to partner retention and lead generation. She’s been instrumental in recruiting and retaining vast partner networks and boosting channel sales.
JoLynn’s ability to drive marketing innovation and her commitment to fostering productive partnerships has made her an invaluable asset as well as an inspiration to her teams.

How has JoLynn’s leadership elevated the position of women in cloud or technology? How has she “paid it forward” to create more opportunities for women growing their careers?

Throughout her career in technology and in her personal life, JoLynn has been a steadfast supporter of women’s success. She has offered guidance and fostered a supportive environment for colleagues, employees, and women she encounters beyond her professional sphere.

As a single mother of two daughters now in their early twenties, JoLynn has served as a role model not only to her own children but also to numerous other young women. She remains consistently available to her daughters and their friends and peers, providing valuable insight and advice as they embark on their career journeys.

Through these efforts, JoLynn has not only supported women but has also paid it forward by creating more opportunities for women to flourish in their careers.

How has JoLynn mentored, championed, and/or supported other women in technology — above, below and at her level?

Amidst the recent wave of significant layoffs in the technology industry, JoLynn has emerged as a supportive figure for numerous women at all levels in their careers as they are navigating the job market. Throughout the past several months, she has been actively engaged in assisting these women by writing recommendations, reviewing resumes, and conducting mock interviews on a regular basis.

JoLynn’s support extends beyond mere professional assistance; she also offers a compassionate ear and unwavering encouragement to those facing uncertainty and challenges in their careers. Her guidance and steadfast support have proven invaluable during this turbulent period, providing solace and empowerment to many women as they navigate their professional journeys.

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